Maryland Zoo Set to Vaccinate Animals for COVID

The Maryland Zoo will administer COVID-19 vaccines to a few animals over the following few months, specifically ones which have been confirmed to be at risk of the illness.

Dr. Ellen Bronson, senior director of animal well being, conservation and analysis on the Baltimore zoo, stated although there hasn’t but been any COVID-19 instances, the vaccine “will upload every other layer of coverage.”

She stated the zoo expects to obtain upwards of eleven,000 doses this autumn from Zoetis, an animal well being corporate.

The zoo plans to vaccinate animals such because the North American river otters, chimpanzees, cheetahs and lions.

“Many of those animals are skilled to take part in their very own well being care, that means they willingly paintings with the animal care staff and veterinary technicians to obtain injections, and in some instances to even permit blood to be drawn and feature ultrasound examinations carried out whilst wakeful,” Bronson stated. “The learning avoids the desire in some scenarios to anesthetize the animal for minor scientific procedures.”