Valerie Bassett: Don’t feed the Look Park zoo animals

Printed: 4/21/2021 4:06:35 PM

A up to date discuss with to our native Glance Park zoo motivated me to achieve out to each native and out of the town guests of the zoo.

I frequently discuss with the zoo with my younger grandson, who favors Pal the goat. When we introduced the deer a couple of nibbles of our rice cake the zoo supervisor with politeness requested us to not feed the animals. He informed me that the animals obtain a balanced vitamin and grow to be very sick if guests feed them, which maximum do.

He had not too long ago posted a number of indicators asking visitors to not feed the animals, all of which have been torn down by way of guests. One visitor frequently drops complete apples over the animal’s fence, which not too long ago led to one goat’s dying by way of choking. The goats frequently grow to be sick from apple, which disappointed their stomachs.

The zoo supervisor may be very keen on the animals and is disappointed when he reveals them sick or injured. A up to date typhoon knocked down a big pine into the goat pen, killing one goat. I informed him I’d proportion this essential data with neighbors and buddies. Please do the similar. Our youngsters want the zoo!

Val Bassett