Woodland Park Zoo: Well-loved animals are true ambassadors

Re: “As Manila eyes new operations pact with Wooded area Park Zoo, animal rights activists carry issues” [Sept. 10, Local News]:

I, too, used to query conserving animals in zoos till I changed into a volunteer at Wooded area Park. I used to be in a position to look firsthand the affection and care given to every animal, from the smallest malicious program to the most important endure. They’re equipped enrichment actions and the best veterinary care. Specifically designed sneakers enabled our younger giraffe to stroll, and my buddy’s well known physician used to be known as in to present a 2nd opinion on one in all our orangutan’s care. Every penguin is understood by way of identify and what number of fish they devour in any sooner or later.

As you pay attention the amazement of old and young, seeing the brilliance of a fowl’s feathers or the dimensions of the hippos, you know that those animals are true ambassadors. A portion of every price tag is going to native and international conservation. Possibly naysayers must spend a shift with volunteers to observe and pay attention to the enjoyment and wonder of youngsters as they pay attention the siamangs sing swinging from prime in a cover or watch gorillas gobble natural rose petals like they had been popcorn.

Throughout this time of local weather trade and extinction, we want authorized zoos to coach and advertise the sacredness of our animals and their ecosystems.

Kathy Parker, Burien